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Quotes from William Shockley

"A role is a role is a role. You better attack it: on the street or on the moon."

"A second platform would be to focus on crime. Once again, pay our law enforcement officers more money to help keep the streets clean and safe, and in return, require reviews and competency exams of these officers."

"Birth is always quite exciting."

"Crime is out of control, and there is only one way to stop it. Treat criminals the way they need to be treated; and that is with no leniency and no respect. End of story."

"Each role has led to the next. The hair has been short. The hair has been long. It's all an experiment at the end of the day anyway."

"Every morning is different. Every day is different. That's part of the job that makes it all work for me."

"Fear is a real killer. I try to trudge through the jungle with as little fear as possible."

"Gratitude is expressed both for the award of the prize and for the contributions of earlier and contemporary scientists and colleagues and for institutions. Gratitude and friendliness is felt for the hospitality in Stockholm."

"I admire the late 60s and early 70s for the spirit, music, rebellion, and change."

"I don't work with watercolors. I work with oil and ink."

"I enjoyed the fact that Paris and Milan were both so different from Texas. As an artist, I thrive on new experiences, and both cities certainly offered fresh, exciting, unique lifestyles."

"I prefer being an artist. The medium of acting isn't really the object of focus. It's the craft itself that is important."

"I spent an important part of my youth in Lubbock, Texas, and Texas Tech University happens to be a great school. As for earning a political science degree, it was, at the time, a course of study that came easily."

"I try not to go back to the same place too often."

"If people have a preconceived notion about appearance, they're missing the boat in the first place."

"In the world of television pilots and feature films, you only get one shot to show what you have."

"It was either be an artist, or be insane."

"Kansas is an old memory. Texas is my soil."

"Living in Paris and Milan totally influenced me. I was in my early 20s, and I absolutely loved France and Italy. Everything about both countries is so different than America."

"Moving all the time taught me how to adapt."

"My favorite writers are those that write solid stories."

"My parents chopped my hair when I was a kid. I started doing my own thing when I flew the coop."

"My philosophy about acting is to be fluid, like water. Hopefully a character will have an impact, leaving an impression, whether it be a positive or a negative one."

"Regret is unnecessary. Think before you act."

"The half-baked ideas of people are better than the ideas of half-baked people."

"The rich culture and heritage of France and Italy, the architecture, the fashion, the food, and the sense of family tradition that I felt all helped my impressions about my future as an artist and a person."

"The type of music that I've played has been some sort of rock and roll."

"Therefore, relationships are a day-to-day work of art."

"When all you know is constant change, you don't have anything else to judge it against."

"When I accepted yesterday the honor of responding for the recipients of the Nobel Prize in Physics, I did not fully realize that I was undertaking one of the most difficult of all speaking assignments."

"Yesterday's gone forever and tomorrow may never come, which leaves the present moment."

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